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You’re in the right place if you’re ready for:

  • More clarity
  • Less pain
  • Predictable energy levels
  • Your full potential to shine
  • Exponential Spiritual growth

This interactive program that you can do at your own pace, gives you:

  • experiential understanding of your subtle body
  • embodiment practices to relieve fear, stress, anxiety and pain
  • guided exploration of more areas of Awakening

Your one time payment of $79 AUD gives you full access for the life of the program.

Program Modules:

Module 1: Release Fear, you’ll learn how to work with your energy body to resolve what’s happening in your physical body.

Module 2: Stop Resisting, get clear on how your “ego self” is hurting you by “protecting” you.

Module 3: Experience Surrender, the sacred art of Universal flow. This an empowering practice frees you from overthinking, perfectionism, fear of visibility, and feelings of unworth.

Module 4: Honest, Clear Intentions; develop the skill of seeing through the illusion – both within yourself and around you.

To take the first step in connecting with your Inner Healer register and pay here.