Here’s something new!

Introducing the Observer

One of the things I love about building a regular meditation practice getting more and more clear space around your thoughts. It’s such a relief to escape the drama and constant turmoil our busy thoughts generate. This place of peace brings such powerful healing to the body — and the mind!

I recently took up the opportunity to take this skill deeper. To do more than create space around the thoughts to allow room for greater connection. I’ve refined my skill in mindfulness and have added in to my daily meditation practice.

Wow! Moving out of the space of passive noticing to active observing is such a subtle distinction, but it gives exponential results. Love it!! So, I’m sharing this dynamic process of noticing, observing and celebrating the observing to share the experience of being more than your human self bound by the thoughts of the ego-mind.

I invite you to take 10 mins to start a relationship with the Observer.


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