Black Moon Circle
Connect with your sacred truth at the deepest Yin point each month.
Activate the conscious up-levelling of your truth, your purpose and your vibration.
Here’s what you’ll experience as a member of the Black Moon Circle

Activate the conscious up-levelling of your truth, your purpose
and your vibration.

Be held and witnessed by the grace of Higher Wisdom.

Receive energetic cleansing and release.

Co-create conscious choices within the light of the Divine.

Crystal clear personal insight
Engage with the new moon every month as your sacred check in point. Receive introspection prompts each month to help you explore what holds you back and what propels you forward. Accountability of the highest order!
Moon wisdom to guide you
Receive divine guidance via the wisdom of the Moon Oracle (created by Caroline Smith & John Astrop), and gain insight into areas of focus for the cycle ahead.
Live Journey meditation and group healing
Meet in circle each month to release all that no longer serves you, all incorrect energy, and to receive healing, expansion and confirmation of your continuing transformation.

Life, Death and Rebirth

The dark moon is the time of the black goddess, a time that marks the transition between life, death, and rebirth, in all its many forms. You'll actively participate in this natural cycle by consciously moving into this powerful passage of transition with guided inner work. New introspection prompts will be sent to you each month, in the days leading up to the black moon, to assist with your planning and review process. Step into the void to release all that is old, worn out, no longer needed that keeps you stuck in place; and return from the void filled with potent potential, choosing the possilbities of your new form stepping into the new cycle.

Divine accountability

In creating space for this sacred ritual, you are acknowledging to yourself and the Divine that you are ready step into complete self-responsibility for all of your choices. Activating black moon energy in our sacred circle invites union with the cosmos where you are held and witnessed in the light of truth. Here you have conscious awareness that every choice you make is seen and understood. Just as it is your choice to honour the agreements you make with yourself each month. By inviting the Divine guidance into the process, you create an agreement for Divine accountability—a new level of incentive for you to be true to you.

Activate non-judgement and compassion for self

Each month you experience the exquisite joy of witnessing yourself and being witnessed by unconditional love. You are asked to leave self-judgement by the door and to witness how you’ve unfolded in the previous cycle with joy, compassion, understanding and acceptance. The presence of Higher Wisdom in our circle models this for you and invites you to surrender to this grace. Be at peace; be welcome and be whole.

Journey with the sacred feminine

Meet in circle on the night of the black moon to journey into the void with safe return. Our sacred space is created each month specifically for our work and renewed at each cycle of the moon. Within this space be held in the loving arms of the Goddess, guided by higher wisdom, healed by Universal Life Force Energy, and witnessed by your inner divinity.

Moon wisdom

Each month you'll receive moon wisdom delivered through the medium of the Moon Oracle created by Caroline Smith and John Alstrop. Integrate this guidance before we gather for meditation, and allow the guidance to cast additional light on the choices you make at this turning point.

A place to call home

When you step into the circle you become our sister, a member of this joyous celebration of bringing the goddess home. Our online home is a private forum attached to the Black Moon portal. You'll find details on how to let yourself in once you enter the portal. The portal will also be home to all of the materials you receive each month: introspection prompts, moon oracle readings, and meditation recordings. Come on through and make yourself at home, sister.
What People Say
Thanks Linda. It was a special meditation and I feel as though I’m stepping into a whole new work space. I’m grateful that you opened that door for us.
Amanda Collins

The Curious Creative,

This is so much more than the sum of its parts, like the book “Invisible Woman”, it offers further insight into our own understanding of ourselves. The work beforehand allowed me to be more grounded and present through the meditation. The insights that came afterwards have helped me in my everyday life to improve daily flow. I have taken away from this experience a sense of clarity that I just love.
Margaret Rollings

Naturopath and CEO, Integrated Health Solutions,

Hi! I'm Linda
and I help spiritual business women living with chronic illness to connect with their soul-aligned solutions for healing and business growth.
I love holding sacred space within the energy of the new moon. It's the perfect time to sit in stillness and connect with the wisdom of your higher self, the ancestors and the sacred feminine.
Journey meditation and guided visualisation are large parts of the healing work I offer to women on their path of self-discovery, and it is a joy to share this particular offering once a month as a potent check-in point that provides not only accountability but aslo self-recognition and celebration.
This powerful tool of self-knowledge is an important part of the healing puzzle. The more connected you are with what makes you tick and why, the better able you are to spot where change can and needs to take place. The Black Moon Circle is a beautiful way for you to deepen into that layer of self-knowing.
Insight | Focus | Renewal
Activate the conscious up-levelling of your truth, your purpose and your vibration.
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